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My plush Totoro has grown weary of the hum drum life of the stuffed animal and has decided to escape the evil clutches of my apartment building.



            Made some time in NOV 2002

            Cost: I have no idea, around $100

            Film: Ecktachrome Super 8

            Edited on film. Live action, Stop Motion, etc


Screen Shots:




Production Gallery:

            (no pics Iím aware of)


Fun Facts:

            First film I made on film.

Also first film I made after moving back to Portland, quitting college, and my  career in music



            Written Directed Edited Etc by Chris Cooley & Penny Folger


            My plush totoroís that my friend Robinís dad brought me back from Japan when I was in high school

            Guest appearances by Myself, Penny, Andy and Matt





DVD available


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