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Upcoming Screenings

East-Star Celebration & Neptune Screening

Alberto Hernandez & Inda's Garden will be having an eastern celebration and Garden/Art Gallery showing on Sunday April 24th 2011.  There will be a screening of select Neptune Shorts and Music Videos in the evening within the garden.  


Inda's Magick Garden - 1647 Maltman Ave LA CA 90026


April 24th  - FILMS START AT 8:00pm, PARTY/GATE/GALLERY/ETC opens at 2:00pm

Previous Screenings

Los Angeles CA - Sept 15th

Los Angeles International Short Films Festival

"Identity" will be playing at the 11th annual LA Shorts Fest at the AMC Burbank Town Center 6 on Septeber 15th @ 5:15pm

Seattle WA - May 30th

Seattle True Independant Film Festival

"Noise" will be showing on wednesday May 30th @ 6:15 at the "Jewelbox Theater"



Down Town West Chester, PA - Oct 6th-8th

West Chester Film Festival

dunno much about this one yet... but they certainly have a very phalic award.




Seattle WA - June 4th

Seattle True Independant Film Festival

Identity will be showing at 3:20pm Sunday, June 4th @"The Market Theater" located on 1428 Post Alley before the feature "The Hole Story".



Eugene OR - May 13th & 14th

Eugene Film Festival

Identity will be showing at the Eugene Film Festival on Saturday May 13th at noon @ the "Wow Hall", and also Sunday May 14th after the awards ceremony at the Valley River In..

Identity, 8 min.
Perils in Nude Modeling, 10 min.
Adventures of Mad Matt, 27 min.
Bought the Farm Episode #1:   Udder Confusion, 8 min.
License to Play, 40 min.
Losing Toby, 10 min.
TRT 103 min. 


Portland OR ~ April 6-9

Longbaugh Film Festival

The Willamette Week's Longbaugh Film Festival will be showing "Identity" 3 times this year, the only short being shown 3 times infact.  All screenings will be at the Laurelhurst theater, 2735 East Burnside Street, Portland, OR 97214,US

04/07/2006 07:15 PM
Longbaugh Film Festival, Shorts Program 1

Identity (Chris Cooley, 8 minutes) Flying Dream (John Bacone, 1 minute) Are We Agreed? (Geoff Kleinman, 3 minutes) What I Want (Jesse Blanchard, 4 minutes) Special People (Justin Edgar, 14 minutes) Zoltan the Great (Robert Samuels, 10 minutes) The Bounce House (Ann Devaney, 17 minutes) Ugly (Moon Unit Zappa, 20 minutes).L4, 7:15 pm Friday

04/07/2006 08:45 PM  
Longbaugh Film Festival, Shorts Program ..2

Parcel (Brian Weed, 9 minutes) Up the Ladder (Jerome Schwartz, 7 minutes) It Takes One (Todd Robinson, 5 minutes) Between You and Me (Patryk Rebisz, 4 minutes) Revelations at 11 (John C. Meyers, 11 minutes) Motel Night (Justin Ward, 15 minutes) Grim (John-Paul Nickel, 16 minutes) Identity (Chris Cooley, 8 minutes)

04/09/2006 03:45 PM
Longbaugh Film Festival SHORTS 4: locals only - L1, 3:45 pm Sunday

It Takes One (Todd Robinson, 5 minutes) Arch (Sarah Nagy, 10 minutes) Flying Dream (John Bacone, 1 minute) Quarter Mile (Jacob Pander, 6 minutes) Magic Hostess: The Electric Can Opener (Rob Tyler, 4 minutes) Identity (Chris Cooley, 8 minutes) Up the Ladder (Jerome Schwartz, 7 minutes) Camouflage (Chapin Hemingway, 12 minutes) Motel Night (Justin Ward, 15 minutes) What I Want (Jesse Blanchard, 4 minutes) Are We Agreed? (Geoff Kleinman, 3 minutes) Revelations at 11 (John C. Meyers, 11 minutes) Old Time Sake (Mike Prosser, 20 minutes) Guest (Mischa Webley, 30 minutes)





      Jan 30th -  11:30 PM  - Tower Theatre

876 East 900 South, Salt Lake City, UT 84101  FREE!


 Murder & Mayhem in salt lake city ey?  right after sundance ey?  Yep, I'm still working on putting it together, i'll post the details as soon as they're arranged.  Make sure to tell your SLC friends...












      Dec 10th - 3pm - 12am -Jupiter Hotel


Late Bloomer Productions Silver Screen Showcase

 - an all day festival of Portland film making


~> here's the more current screening times



2005 Short Film Showcase
(with filmmaker introduction)


Melissa Tvetan
(Kanji Is Hard, Because They Fall, Shanghai Tunnels)


Katie Rasmussen
(Reflection ~ scored byKuen, others)


Wendy Jo Downing
(Disnexperiment, Dead Sunshine Exalted)


Jeffrey Dillon
(Le Petite Avion Qui Vive)


Russell Calkins
(One Night, Gallery 500 Spot)


Playground Films
(One Night Hand, Stray,It Takes One)


Travis Ezell
(Protomica, An Atlas of Memory, others)


Chris Cooley
(look below)


Conveyer Films


2005 Short Film Showcase
(containing some films I helped out on)

schedule subject to change
check back for updates


                                           My lineup is as follows:


Some sort of Neptune Logo intro thing


Aow Re (premiere)




I'll also howing the Days Like This (Teaser Trailer) during the 2005 Short Film Showcase



what is it?


An all day party thingamajig, featuring as I hear it through the grape vine, free beer?, go go dancers?, and a bunch of my films?  I know, it sounds too good to be true, but I can guarantee at least that some of my films will be there.  infact if you look above I just happen to have that nice little time slot where everyone has arrived but has had enough time to have a couple of beers and they are ready to stop schmoozing and trying to be cool and decide to go sit down and watch some short films at which time will just happen to be the begining of my screening and then in their drunken haze they shall proceed to have their minds blown by the sheer quality of my feerums.  Ok... ok... ok... maybe not quite like that.  Um... ok well I will be premiering the notorious nepalese pop music video I made, er, um, am still in the process of making.  So you can come check out that, as well as the still fresh despite being out of the original packaging for over a month "Identity" and "Subjection", as well as such classics as "The Chinaman" and "Dream's Eye" (not shown at the murder & mayhem screening).


the "2005 short film showcase" will show at the very least from me a gripping teaser for Days Like This.  (ok... ok... ok... gripping? c'mon Chris.. when and how are you going to have time to put that together?  In addition to trying to make a livin, put food on the table, and put clothes on your back!?  GODDAMNIT, kid!? when are you going to start appreciating all the work I do around here? You little bastard?! I told your father we should have had an abortion!!! BUT HIS MOTHER WOULD HAVE STABBED ME IN THE FACE AND right now i'm thinking that might have been a better fate for your mother you little bastard


Honestly.... who the hell knows.  But I'm gonna give it a shot.




      Oct 20th - 7:30pm -Hollywood Theatre


Murder & Mayhem - an evening of short films byChris Cooley


     Thats right, a whole evening of my films.  Okay, maybe not an entire evening, but a little under an hour of them at least.  Not quite a complete retrospective or anything, but there will definitely be alot shown.  Here's the lineup as it currently stands


Some sort of Neptune Logo intro thing

The Chinaman

Subjection (premiere)

Identity (premiere)

Long Walk on a Cold Day


Days Like This (Teaser Trailer)



There's an outside chance that I'll show a couple other super 8 films, I haven't decided yet.  On the off chance I don't get Subjection completed in time, I'll definitely at least show Dream's Eye.  Keep an eye out for flyers/posters around town.  I'll post a printable one when I get a chance.  I'll keep you posted as to any changes as they come, but that's as it stands for now


where: Hollywood Theatre - 4122 NE Sandy Bvld/Portland OR

when: Thursday Oct 20th/7:30pm

how much?: a mere$3


for information on screening one of our films you can contact us at