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            After weeks of being tortured by a stressful job, a non existent sleep schedule, and the always blasting stereo of his upstairs neighbor, In a sleep deprived fit of rage Rick kills the neighbor living in the apartment above him.  His only task now is to coax his friend into helping him dispose of the evidence.



            – Quality = Low – High – Ridiculous

            – Quality = Low – High – Ridiculous



            Running Time: 25min

            Cost: around $1G.  Though most everything was donated.  As per usual.

            Format: Digital Video (filmed with Panasonic DVX100A & Sony PD170)

            Edit: Final Cut Pro, After Effects


Last Screening:

            Jan 30th @ The Tower Theater (Salt Lake UT)


Screen Shots:





Wall Papers:




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Fun Facts:

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 DVD available

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