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4/17/11 - Can you feel it?...

Cuz it's comin!  and by 'it', I mean of course hourus first feature film, "The Final Moments of Michael Parker's Life".  The script is complete, though will probably be going through continuing revisions through pre-production.  More info soon to come, as well as some site revisions and a pre-production blog!

In other n.e.w.s...  There will be a East-Star Celebration and Neptune Screening at Inda's Magick Garden in the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles.  If you're in the area, make sure to come by... there will be food, and an all day party & Garden/Gallery showing.  Flyers to come!



11/07/10 - Questions? Answers!..

> Are you alive?

Yes.. but only barely.  I did die though… twice apparently. 

> Where are you?  Where have you been?

Los Angeles, I have been here since moving back from Germany in ’08.  To be more specific, I live in Silver Lake.


> Why haven’t you been updating the site?

See above…


> I worked on Days Like This/WIGLU/insert project here… why haven’t I received my DVD yet?  What about those of us that just want to order one?

I’m sorry… I never wanted to become “one of those”… in LA there are many.. of which whom you’d never here from again after working with them, let alone receive a copy of the film…

I assure you it was taking so long simply because I was preparing beautiful copies for you all with sweet artwork and all loose post pro ends tied up, as I had big plans for film festivals and screenings and such.


> Why haven’t you been sending them to film festivals?  Why haven’t you been putting on as many Neptune screenings as you used to?  

Well, there are various reasons for this…

First off, %70 of film festivals are total scams.  Not to say that there aren’t some great ones out there, a couple of which I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of.  But the rest of them are...

 A: a waste of entry fee money, as most festivals are filled with crappy films made by the festival makers themselves and their acquaintances , which they couldn't get into other festivals (which is why they started their own!).  Or, if the festival is a little more prestigious, it is still generally filled with films acquired through back channels, as the people who actually decide what goes in the festival are not going to sit through all the crap sent in (and god knows what angry intern is… who chooses which films go to the next 'tier', or even get looked at again).  This may sound bitter but I've been doing this long enough to know it's true.  Again, I am not claiming all festivals do this... those of you who run legit festivals, show good work, and actually get people in there to see them.. are unsung heros and deserve praise themselves.

B: or, lets say you do get into the festival.  This does not in any way guarantee that anyone is going to show up, as even if you're in the festival you of course tend to have very little say as to when/where your film is showing, and what film(s) it's showing with.  Nor does this guarantee that there wont be severe technical difficulties, or that the runners of the festival will even bother to advertise it much.  Now lets assume you actually spent the money to travel to and attend this festival, and one or all of the aforementioned difficulties emerge.

I think it is generally money and time better well spent to put forth the effort to put on your own screenings, as I do, but used to do much more frequently.  But in this instance, attaining an audience can be even more of a task, considering there are fewer filmmakers/festival volunteers/etc spreading the word

So, after years of plenty of both of these, I've become pretty burned out on both.  (Both, btw, cost money… as do making the films themselves, people...)


> But Neptune Screenings seem to be an extreme rarity… and are hardly even advertised on the site these days..  why aren't you getting your films out there more?

Well…whether my perspective evolved, or Los Angeles just eroded away any desire of self promotion that I had, I began to view ego as an illness of some sort, and had a hard enough time even warming up to people actually pursuing me to see/show my work… let alone pursuing others to see/show it.

Every Asshole with a reel/cd/website or what-have-you, is constantly trying to shove it in your face down here, and generally, the worse they are, the hotter shit they try to pass themselves off as.

Most of the time, I too am proud of most of my work.  And though I like to think I have a more discerning eye than most, who is to say really.  And this is not to say I am not without praise… but when one sees what fairs as your average competition, this become little consolation.


> Have you considered putting them online?

Yes… and I plan on doing so soon with some of the older films…  But to be honest, DLT and WIGLU haven't really had much of a chance yet to shine, and I would like to show them in some festivals, and at least attempt to sell some DVDs, before putting them online.  Not only to make back a little of the money invested by myself and others, but because people generally don't have the best setup on their computer for watching films (I do, :P ), but generally put a little more effort into a nicer setup with their DVD player, not to mention a theatrical screening.  But I'm sure by the time I am working on a feature, I'll put them all online.


> Have you been making movies??

Well… prior to said incident above, I had been doing a lot more work on other people’s films.  Mostly editing.

I’ve also been writing a lot of music.

> Why the hell not?

Oh.. outside of question 1 at the top of the page, a myriad of reasons I suppose.  

A casual observation would be that… as my films have become more and more complex and expensive production wise.. music has become a more accessible outlet for expression.  Especially since my resources for such have grown over time, where as since slowly transitioning from production work to post production work, my resources for film production have shrunk considerably.

> Does this have anything to do with you moving from Portland to LA?  Or from LA to Berlin rather?

I don’t know…  I have never lived in a city more encouraging of expressing one’s creativity than Berlin.  Not that PDX or LAX are at all shabby in that department.  But it does seem I have become especially less interested in short subject work ever since.  I have noticed that each city seems to cause me to express myself in different ways.

However, there are social trends that have been cause to this as well…

> What the hell does that mean?

I just mean in regards to aesthetics.  It’s as if I had spent my life in love with oil painting, but the pencil had just been invented and that's all anyone cares about anymore…

Not that one can’t do amazing things with a pencil.  It is in regards to content trends as well.  Not that I feel my work or ideas are at all outdated somehow, infact quite the contrary.

I just feel more than ever in regards to my film work that it is important that I express myself properly than express myself at all.  Moreso than ever before.  I feel my short films have been coming closer and closer to truly expressing some of the ideas floating around in my head, and as such my expectations for myself have grown substantially.

> What does that mean?

Well, on one hand, it means I decided with WIGLU that if I was going to put that much work and detail into a film, for various reasons, it should be a feature.

However, if I am to put the necessary effort required into a feature, it’s gonna have to be a motherfucker.  Or I’m not going to do it at all.. because that's’ x amount of years of my life I’m not gonna get back.


> Have you been writing a feature?

I’ve got 4 in various stages of completion.  The newest of which I was very proud of, and was coming close to nearing completion at the time of my accident.  It had even acquired some backing interest…

I have had to put it aside since, as well as any other semi-autobiographical writings, which this script was.  I’ll get back to it at some point in the not too distant future, but it will have to wait until I am fully recovered.


> What is it called?

“The Loners”


> What is it about?

Life.. reality, perception, philosophy, sex, drugs, motorcycles, Los Angeles.


> What are you working on now?

I have been working on various music projects, and a new site to contain them called "Hyper Fire Records".  I have also decided to go back to working on "TFMOMPL", which I might try to start shooting next year.


> Why don’t you have a Facebook / Twitter / Blog etc?

Because.  I have a whole goddamned website.  Two now, actually.  Plus, I don’t particularly like facebook, and am therefore not interested.  Twitter is almost entirely uninteresting to me as well.

As far as blogging is concerned, I’ve been ‘blogging’ since before there was a word for it (the now defunct “”).  And between this and Hyper Fire, I have enough of a soapbox for important announcements.  If you need personal info, there’s always the “Chris” page, and if you don’t know me well enough to IM me, you can always write me an email.

Perhaps I’ll eventually have the time/inclination to take part in another social networking site…  and if/when that happens a link will probably be posted in the links section.


> What was dying like?

I have 3 days of complete lack of memory.  (I am told my stomach incision remained spread open for this period, perhaps that's why..)  But suffice it to say it’s not like you die and snap back.  It’s a long, slow process, mentally and physically, coming back to life.  Sorry for the silence, but it was necessary for my recovery.




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