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          As some of you know I make Electronic music under the name "Kuen".  Kuen is the Cantonese word for "Fist", but it is also used in martial arts to denote certain styles.  For instance, Wing Chun Kung Fu would be called "Wing Chun Kuen".  That's why if you watch Chinese kung fu movies, when they talk about what style they are going to use, the subtitle will say "I will defeat you using Huo Fist!"  Well, he's saying "Huo Kuen" 


           Anyway... I used to play music in bands and such, and went to college for music as well, but when I decided to start doing film seriously I dropped the whole "music as a career" thing.. but never stopped composing electronic music.  Mainly because I don't have to deal with other musicians and I can do it whenever I want and etc.  So, when I'm struck by some hard insomnia or just feel inspired to make some music, i'll make some.  And every once and a while, when I've got a big cluster of songs to choose from, I'll pick the ones I like or I think go together well and make an album out of them. 


          Another cool aspect of this is that I can score my own films, which I must say I enjoy.  Especially since I edit them myself, it allows me to go back and forth between the music composition and the editing, which, though a pain in the ass, I think churns out a unique product.  Anyway, it's because of this that I am putting some Kuen stuff on the site.  I would post all the songs but there just isn't enough room, so I'll just post some select tracks.  If you like what you hear you should be able to find the rest on soulseek, or if you can't you can ask me and I'll get you a copy.




      Kuen II - Electronic Tempest - 05 Advanced Technology (new mix)






     Kuen III - After Dark - 07 What You Wish You Could Forget






     Kuen IV - Anxiously Awaiting Impact - 06 Midnighter


     Kuen IV - Anxiously Awaiting Impact - 11 Empyrean