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           Hyper Fire Records (IdentityNoise, WIGLU, Subjection, LWOACD, December, MN) - - our Musically inclined Sister

            Landmark Films (Emilio) - - feature film edited by Chris Cooley

            Mark Eifert (DLT) - - Chris's cinematography mentor and shot the opening time lapse for " DLT"

            Mark Greenfield (WIGLU) - - cinematographer for "WIGLU"

            Manny Minjarez (WIGLU) - - still photographer for "WIGLU"

            Travis Ezell (Identity, Noise,DLT) - all kinds of stuff

            Alan Winston (Noise, DLT) - general post assistance, namely on "Noise"

            Amber Smith (DLT) - - still photographer for "Days Like This"

            Wendy Jo Downing (DLT) co-producer for "Days Like This"


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