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 “Identity” is an experimental character piece about a man who compulsively and randomly creates new personalities for himself, and then becomes them, completely leaving behind his previous self, life, possessions, and loved ones.



            Running Time: 8min

Premiered October 20th 2005 @ “Murder & Mayhem: An Evening of Short Films by Chris Cooley

            Cost: jeez, Don’t know, around $800? (seriously)

            Film: Color Neg 16mm (1100 ft, mostly Vision2 500t kodack 16mm, also some 200t Visionstock, and some mystery donated stock) and Super 8 (if I remember correctly, 50 ft of Ecktachrome).  The 16mm stuff was filmed with an Arri S and the super 8 was filmed with a Minolta XL401

            Edit: edited digitally, done in Final Cut Pro & After Effects



Screen Shots


Promotional (printable) Images

Production Gallery



Fun Facts


            Written, Directed, & Edited by: Chris Cooley

            Starring: Chris Cooley, Tara Walker, Travis Ezell, & Eric Lee

           Produced by: Travis Ezell & Eric Lee

           Cinematography & Lighting by: Chris Cooley & Travis Ezell

           Camera Operator: Travis Ezell

           Grip: Eric Lee

           Music by: Kuen

           Special Thanks: Bruce Bolden, Cheri Cooley, Wendy Jo Downing, Aaron Herns, Vladimir Solomon, & Kendra Wright


            Will be available on dvd maybe in January on the 16mm collection >>>