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“Up The Down Ladder”

    Short < Mystery/Comedy/Drama

Should be filming next month!

Color - 35mm/Super16


    Music Video < Mefisto

possibly filming next month also, stay tuned!

Color - 35mm/Super16


“The Final Moments of Michael Parker’s Life”

    Feature < Semi-Experimental Esoteric Mystery Crime Drama Romance Narrative

Script Complete, Preproduction soon!

Color – Super16/35mm


    Feature < Crime/Drama/crazyness

Script Mostly finished, but currently on hold

Color – 35mm

“The Loners”

    Feature < Philosophical Romance 

currently unfinished

Color – 35mm/HD


“Carnal Knowledge”

    Music Video < Kuen

on hold

Color - 35mm/Super16




Coming Soon to DVD!

Days Like This

     Short < Drama/Crime/Exp Narrative

Currently screening Theatrically

B&W – 16mm


What Invariably Goes Left Unsaid

(also gonna be sweet)

     Short < Drama

Currently Screening Theatrically

Color - Super16