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            Though, without any intended pretense, I think the meaning of the film is best left to the viewer’s interpretation, here was my original synopsis for the film.


    "An experimental Narrative about a man who can no longer tell the difference between his dreams and his reality and decides the only way to tell which version of himself truly exists is to kill what he thinks is his dreaming self"



            Runing Time: 5 min

            Production/Post Production lasted about 44 days, Premiered @ the NWFC on 12-16-02

            Cost: around $194

            Shot on Super 8.  Tri X & Ektachrome

            Edited on Super 8


Screen Shots:




Production Stills:

            Check out my old production gallery/journal here

            Dream's Eye Production Journal



Screening Flyers:




Fun Facts:

            ·        first film I made that I was actually proud of

·        still one of my favorite pieces I’ve done

·        was filmed in 11 days








Etc by Chris Cooley


Lead Role

Assistant Editor

Everything else: Andy Cadotte


Supporting Role

& special thanks

            Melissa Barnhart


Aditional Thanks

            Cheri Cooley

            Rob Huigh






DVD available


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