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*DVD coming soon!*


Days Like This is a dark, experimental character piece that follows a day in the life of a solipsistic old man who’s job just happens to be killing people.  Hardened and jaded by a rough life, encompassing horrors that are left to the imagination, but reflect in his bitterness towards others and life in general. All he has to live for now is his routine.  The film is narrated by a soliloquy representing his thoughts on what he, and the outside world has become, and how his work no longer factors in a question of morality, but is just a job to him as any job would be to anyone else.


           – Quality = Low (9 megs) High (12 megs)Ridiculous(44 megs)


Stylistically the film is shot in a sort of film noir style, with b&w 16mm ranigng from a subtle grey scale to high contrast.  The film will also be scored with an avant garde jazz score that slowly drags you into the world of a madman.

          Cost: around 4 grand

          Running Time: 14min

          Film:  Kodak Double X BW Negative (7222)

         Should be completed around January 2006, stay tuned for screening information<~


Screen Shots:


Promotional (printable) Images:


Production Gallery:

         (coming soon)