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Name:  Christopher Lloyd Cooley

Age:  27

Neuroses: ManicDepression, Megalomania, Insomnia

Location:  Los Angeles, CA

Currently Listening to:  Meiko Kaji, Tool, Jacob Miller, Trans Am, Opeth, Otis Redding, Black Sabbath, Sherine, Cypress Hill, Jay Z, Knaan, Bergraven, Bob Marley, The Disclosure Project

Currently Reading:   "Magick: Liber ABA" - Aleister Crowley, Frater P.

"The Fool's Pilgrimage" - Stephan Hoeller

"Geheime Figuren der Rosenkreuzer" - ?

"The Magician: His Training and His Work" - W.E. Butler

"Occult Medicine and Practical Magic" - Samael Aun Weor

The Book of Enoch

The Nag Hammadi Library

Loves:  Film Noir, Records, Movie Theaters, Black Coffee, Protoculture, Vintage British and Japanese Motorcycles, Polaroid Cameras, Leica Cameras, Arri Cameras, Bolex Cameras, 16mm motion picture film, Snap-on Tools, Fender, Moog, Hammond, Apple Computers, Castlevania, Cartridge based video game consoles, Low Brow Art, Coca Cola, Cooley/Locke's Whiskey, Paddy Old Irish, Players Tobacco, Kinder Chocolate, Irish Cheese, Zanku Chicken (in my mind, the armenians and turks are still at war, but this time it's over how to properly prepare chicken), Spliffs, Breakfast, the Twilight Zone, and Girls who wear skirts

Loathes:  Ignorance, Parking Tickets, Pepsi, People who never use their turn signals, Cops, Hospitals, Malls, and People who can't shut hell up during movies (especially thrillers, and especially in the movie theater)


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Musicians: Nick Cave (TBP, TBS, GM), Tom Waits, PJ Harvey, The Cardigans, Black Sabbath, John Coltrane, James Brown, George Clinton, Johann Sebastian Bach, & Arnold Schönberg

Music Genres: Bebop, Free Jazz, Post Punk, Industrial, Triphop, Hip-hop, High-Life/Afro Beat, German Baroque/Classical, Swedish Metal, Death Metal, Old Brit Invasion stuff, Analog Synth stuff, Enka, Electro, Garage Rock, Stoner Rock, Acid Rock, Surf, Funk, Folk, Soul, Dub, Reggae, whatever really...

Writers: Herman Hesse, Milan Kundera, Yukio Mishima, Jim Thompson, Dorothy Parker

Philosophers: Lao Tzu, Friedrich Nietzsche, Arthur Schopenhauer, Carl Jung, Robert Thurman, Ken Wilbur, Bill Hicks

Painters: Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, Francis Bacon, J. M. W. Turner, Bosch, Pino, Alex Grey, Mark Ryden, Michael J. Austin, R.A. Maguire, Robert Williams, Audrey Kawasaki

Comic Book Artists: Ashley Wood, Sam Keith, Frank Miller, Katsuhiro Otomo, Joseph M Linsner, Tomer Hanuka, Junji Ito, Robert Crumb, Milo Manara

Photographers: Philippe Halsman, Brassai, Joel-Peter Witkin, Ellen Von Unwerth, Charlie White, Carlos and Jason Sanchez

Cinematographers: Christopher Doyle, Hideo Yamamoto, Roger Deakins, Robert Elswit

Film Makers: Akira Kurosawa, Jean-Pierre Melville, Paul Thomas Anderson, Federico Fellini, Jim Jarmusch, Wong Kar Wai, Chia-Liang Liu, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Jean-Luc Godard, Michel Gondry, Martin Scorsese, Takeshi Kitano, Kinji Fukasaku, Takashi Miike, Stanly Kubrick, Seijun Suzuki, Shinya Tsukamoto, Hayo Miyazaki, Satoshi Kon, David Lynch, Guy Maddin, Jan Svankmajer, Dario Argento, Jack Hill, Abel Ferrara, Robert Siodmak, Sam Peckinpah, Coen Brothers, Trey Parker, Whit Stillman...seriously this list could goon forever i'm gonna stop there



LA:Cornerstone Research Collective, Philosophical Research Society, The Gnostic Society, El Gran Burrito, The Astro, The Burrito King, Brazilian Tobacco, Tiki-Ti, Tiny's, GoodLuck, Silverlake Lounge, Burgundy Room, Cat Club, Millie's, Niko Niko Sushi, Acapulco (during happy hour), Head-Line Records, The Record Collector, Amoeba, Vinyl Fetish (no more!), Vacation, Skylight Books, The Illiad, Kinkos, The Vista, The Aero, The Egyptian, and of course The New Beverly Cinema

Portland: Night Light, Alto Lounge, Saphire Hotel, the Winking Toad, Taste of Europe, Johnny B's, Juniors, Grand Central Bakery, Laurelhurst Theater, Cinema21, Movie Madness, Powells Books, Counter-Media, Q is for Choir, The Record Exchange (aka the cd/game exchange), and the Film Center

photograph by Maria Hiestand