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Two men gamble their lives over and unpayable debt and an irreplaceable woman.


            Running Time: 5min

Production started Nov 21st 2003, Premiered December 11th 2003 @ “The Underground Cinema Project: “notes from the underground

            Cost: around $500

Format: Color Negative 16mm (a couple diff kinds, mostly 500asaVision Kodak, and then some unidentifiable donated stock.  Finished on DV

          Edit: Final Cut Pro (all visual effects were done in camera)


Screen Shots:



Production Gallery:



Wall Papers:



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Fun Facts:

  • This film was made in about 20 days.

  • This film was the first time we had ever shot negative 16mm.  We had shot 16mm a couple times before, but never got to see the results.

  • This is the first film we've made with dialogue

  • The person originally intended to pay the "white man" dropped out last second.  Colin had come to drop off Tiffany, and Chris asked him if he wanted to read through the script with him.  After a little coaching and rehearsing, they started shooting that night.  Colin had never seen the script before that day.

  • Victoria, Chris, And Eric, due to their hectic work/school schedules, did not sleep for 5 days in a row during the production.

  • There is a rumor that real bullets were used in the film, which isn't true.  We took empty shells and added bullet tips to them, without anything inside.  Thus having real bullets, that were empty and harmless.

  • Colin does not actually smoke

  • Eric had never acted before

  • Chris wrote the script in 2 1/2 hours

  • about %90 of the audience at the premiere was horrified and disgusted

  • The film took 4 days to shoot, and 3 days to edit

  • All the footage was shot on a Bolex 16mm camera, which is not sync sound.  So Chris had to speed up each shot to %107 so that the dialogue would sync correctly

  • The idea from the film partially came from an incident that happened the day before production began, where Eric's dad got in a fight with someone over a near miss car accident, and the other man called Terry "egg foo young"




Written and Directed by

Chris Cooley



Colin Michael    Eric Lee   

Victoria Warnke

Produced by

Eric Lee    Victoria Warnke   

Chris Cooley

Sound Recording

Tiffanyanne Mills

Camera & Lighting

Chris Cooley


Brian Lee    Tiffanyanne Mills


Chris Cooley

Music and Sound Design

Chris Cooley/Kuen

Film to Tape Transfer

Brian Yazzie    Chris Cooley

Log & Capture

Victoria Warnke    Chris Cooley

Weapons Expert

Terry Lee

Still Photographers

Terry Lee    Chris Cooley


Colin Michael    Eric Lee


Special Thanks

Terry Lee

Cheri Cooley

Colin Michael

Tiffanyanne Mills

Brian Yazzie








 DVD available

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