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6/16/08 - Heilige Scheißer, an update!  Allright, allright, I know, my droogs, that it has been sometime since I have updated the “news” section of the site. Ok… so it’s been someitme since I’ve updated the site at all. Ok, ok, I admit it, I suck. I have however been udating the Neptune Films and Kuen / Mephisto myspace pages (as well as my deviantart and flickr pages), but yes, the neptune site has suffered immensely.

Ok, there are many reasons for this. Lets look back, shall we? It appears as though the end of May 07 is the last time I updated the news section. This was directly after moving to Silver Lake from Los Feliz, just before getting out of LA for a bit back up to the NW from fear of LA suffocation. This in addition to it being directly after having worked immensely hard on a daily basis with my colleague Michael on the Neptune Films office as well, so it was time for a break.

But, upon my return to Los Angeles, I found my new room mate situation to be, though it was incredibly, if not unbelievably affordable, in a great spot in a great neighborhood, with a huge garden, reasonable parking, and in a house, mind you, not an apartment… anyway, it was entirely unlivable, due in no small part to my immensely insane room mate.

So, though the new Neptune office was a safe haven as far as being able to escape, and actually get work done, I generally do all my web update stuff, (as well as some of my graphics design and some of my music work) on my PC, which is generally my “home” computer, and it is my G5, that is my “work” computer, as it is what I do all my editing and animation on, and this is of course the computer I had on hand at the office.

Anywho.. this was the beginning of the Neptune films site neglect. Where as things like the myspaces and flickrs are easy to update from remote computers, it was my pc at home that had all my ftp bullshit setup so I could easily update the Neptune site. Cheap excuse? Sure, but, since I was at the time finishing editing a feature, post production on two short films, and finishing two records, the site fell admittedly by the wayside.

Since finishing said projects, which, I’ll elaborate more on later, I once again was feeling LA suffocation, after which I fled to Berlin, where I have been residing since, working on a couple feature scripts and another record.

So, back to the actual update. Though I’m sure between now and then I will have a, though most likely modest, screening here in Berlin, this summer in August-Sept I will be hitting select cities in the states, either showing one of my two newer short films (“Days Like This” and “What Invariably Goes Left Unsaid”) before features in arthouse theaters, or in an evening devoted entirely to my short films, or possibly that and some select films from others. But we’ll see, that's a whole two months away.

Now that I have taken the time to learn how to access my site from this computer, I will post updates as they are decided, despite still not having access to said PC I prefer to do my web stuff on, but no, really, I will. And if you want possibly more frequent updates you can check out the Neptune films myspace.

you can't escape


5/20/ 07 - Fuck, it's May already?  How does this happen?  I've opened a new neptune films office (which is gonna be kick-ass).  I'll post pix soon.  The "Days Like This" score has finally been recorded, as has the final voiceover.  All that's left is the Foley, and then it's off to festivals and such.  I'll keep you posted on the premiere date/location.  "WIGLU"... is coming... eventually... no, really...   Many projects stirring, couple of cool things on the horizon I believe.  Stay tuned for "Days", it's gonna be awesome.  Also, "Noise" is going to be playing at the "Seattle True Independent Film Festival" on May 30th, at 6:15pm @ The Jewel Box Theater, if you are in the area.


1/25/ 07 - My fantabulous filmmaking adventures continue... 

1.  First off, I am happy to announce that I have been awarded a 2007 RACC grant for "What Invariably Goes Left Unsaid".  Thank you so much to everyone on the board/council and everyone who helped me with the grant.

2. The completion of "Days Like This" is on the horizon.  John Iglecias is currently working on the Foley for the film, and Andrew Rose will be composing the music.  I'll be recording the final voiceover in mid February, and hopefully the film will be completed and being shipped off to film festivals soon there after.  Stay tuned for premiere dates and info.

3. I will also start cutting "WIGLU" very soon as well.  The footage has been processed, and telecinied for the most part.  Infact, here's a couple stills from the initial NTSC transfer


11/26/ 06 -

As I've been adjusting to the City of Angeles I've been attempting to finish up "Days Like This".  It's getting closer all the time and it's getting kinda exciting.  Not that it's been easy working on it, between the gigs I've been doing and trying to settle and everything, but it's getting there.  I threw up some screenshots on the DLT page from the timed footage so you guys can get an idea of what it's gonna look like.


9/10/ 06 -

"Days Like This" has been coming along nicely.  I got back the 2nd unit stuff from the lab, did a little bit of my experimental trickery on it, and sent it off to Boston to be telecinied!

Well... I had been planning for a while to move down to LA at the end of September... but more recently I was thinking I could just stay here till I finished "Days" and "Carnal Knowledge"... maybe see where I was at in Oct.  But the first of the month came around and I was busted and I'm like "what the hell... i'm tired of this... I want work, damnit"... so boom, bam, I'm moving down this week.  I just got done spending my last weekend in town out w/ some friends and packing and such. 

Anyway... It may take me a while to get set up to work on my web page on my laptop (I usually do this on my PC)... but I'll try to update mymyspace at least.  Depending on whether or not I get that RACC grant I just got done applying for, I may be back by the end of December, or I may stay a little longer, we'll see how that goes.

My next post will be about the bend film festival (boo), but I've got to pack my computer now, bye.



8/ 24 / 06 - August '06 newsletter

Hello all… it is time for this (year's?) Neptune Films newsletter.
Hurrah.  Wait.. no.. Hurray!

Ok… maybe not "Hurray".  Maybe more like "hmmm"… or "ahhhh" ….
Or for some of you… maybe…. "bleh…"'

But that's enough of that.

Identity" will be playing at the 3rd Annual West Chester Film
in PA.  I don't know anyone in Pennsylvania… but if you do…
you should tell them to go see it… or something bad will happen…. No,
I don't know what… so best to play it safe.  I also hear that
"Identity" has almost certainly made it into the Bend Film Festival.
I don't know what that means exactly but if you didn't get the chance
to see it in Portland, Seattle, Eugene, or Salt Lake, then you might
get to see it in Bend.

NOISE" is now available on DVD .  What the hell is "Noise"?  you can
read more about it
here .  It also includes "Making Noise " (pun intended)

and "December".  These dvds are pretty goddamn spiffy, so I would

highly recommend picking one up... oh theQuality!

"Days Like This" is hopefully going to be finished by October, and
probably the first place I will show it will be at my annual
screening-a-majig in Portland that I have yet to really plan or set up
or anything, but will most likely happen.  All the much needed second
unit stuff has finally been processed and will hopefully be telecinied
next week.  yay!

"What Invariably Goes Left Unsaid" 's footage has finally been
processed as well!  Hurrah!  Which will also be telecinied in the very
near future.  Good lord it's exciting, isn't it?  I'm tingly all

Speaking of tingly… there are newT-shirts available on our online
store.  A couple new girly shirts, and a pretty cool new men's shirt.
click here!

Anywho… I hope all of you are well.  Um… Thanks for reading my
newsletter type thing.  Sorry I don't update the " news" section on the
Neptune site often enough… but I update other stuff on there… no,
really… I do.

~ Chris Cooley
Neptune Films

not on the mailing list?  didn't even know there was a mailing list?  email me at and request to be added!


6/ 26 / 06 - So much stuff...  but here's the big three.

"Days Like This"trailer is now online.  Check it out, tell your friends.  Some of you may also be happy to know that we went and got some of the long missing second unit shots this week, which is exciting.

"Noise" DVDs available soon, oh so very soon, i'm shooting for next week

"What Invariably Goes Left Unsaid", our new film, is in the can, working on raising funds for processing and other various post production like things

There's more, I'm workin on it.


5/ 01 / 06 - Screenings and new films and the like.  "Identity" will be showing at theEugene Film Festival, I believe on Saturday May 13th.  I believe I am supposed to be present for Q&A type stuff... but Mark Ryden is doing a book signing in LA... oh well... I'm pretty sure I'm going to be there, so if you're in that area come check it out.

"Identity" is also going to be playing at the Seattle True Independant Film Festival.  I don't know when Identity will be playing yet but I believe the film festival is in June.

Aside from this I've just returned to Portland from doing auditions for my new film "What Invariably Goes Left Unsaid", which I'm planning to shoot in May.  but more to come about that later.


And by the wayLongbaugh turned out pretty well.  "Identity" was to my knowledge at least, the only short film shown 3 times.  And each screening was sold out.  good times.


3/ 12 / 06 - Sweet Jesus!  News! ..sort of.. I know, I know, my lovelies, long time with no news update type thing.  Though I do update the site from time to time, even if there's no news entry, I know how much you've been craving my existence verifying news section updates... well you shall have to wait no more! for here it is!  And such!

The Salt Lake Screening?  Yes, it did take place...  How was it?  I don't know exactly, because I wasn't there.  I was at sundance/slamdance right before it, it sucked, I got a call for a job, and I came home.  ha! 

How is the Nepalese Pop video you made doing?  I have no clue.

YES, "Days Like This" is still coming.  As some of you may know, my original composer has "vanished", and it's been relatively difficult finding a suitable replacement but, one may have been found, and if that falls through, I might have a couple other ideas, but regardless it is one of the last pieces of the puzzle that has yet to find its place.  I'll keep you updated (no, seriously)

"Identity" will be playing at the Longbaugh Film Festival this year.  For those of you who don't know it is a small project that we shot right before "Noise", but due to complications, mainly lack of funds, could not complete, but last year I sort of re-worked the script, and re-worked the film and it came together to make a nice little short, if I may say so myself... so if any of you haven'tseen it, it will be playing at 7:15 pm and 8:15pm on Friday April 7th, and 3:45 pm Sunday April 9th, at the Laurelhurst Theater.  I believe the Sunday screening is all or mostly local film makers which might be interesting to check out.

So among these things I have a couple otherNeptune Films projects coming up soon.  One of which will hopefully be my last narrative short film before I try to make a feature, which I am very excited about, which I will tell you more about later.




12/ 09 / 05 - Sorry it's last min... I've been hella busy, but here's some more info on Saturday's screening.  Aparently my stuff will be going on a little after 9pm (9:20ish).  For a list of stuff I'll be showing and other info check out the "screenings section".  Now I gotta go, cuz I'm busting my ass to try to have "Aow Re" done in time.  Eek!


11/ 30 / 05 - Ugh... what time is it? where am I?  It's been real busy.  I'm trying to get "Aow Re" done in time for the "Late Bloomer Productions: Silver Screen Showcase" thingamajig, and also aparently a remix of the song has been purchased to use in some big indian film or something?  I don't know the details, but... anyway, what is this screening you speak of?  i've got more info about it here.

AAAAnywho... it is also my birthday this saturday so I doubt i'll get a whole lot of work done this weekend (well, hopefully I wont work too much this weekend..) But I'm certainly going to have to bust my ass afterwards.  hooha... hooha...hooha.



11/ 01 / 05 - It never ends, does it.  Been doing a lot of work on the website lately.  Actually... I'm always doing alot of work on the website, whether or not I post it here or not :P.  So any time you're bored, snoop around, because I think I make it to every page every month or so (the most recent stuff was done to the "Identity" page.  I'm also working on getting Identity ready to send to a couple festivals, which I've got a good feeling about. 

In other news, I finished a rough (rough) cut of "Days".  It appears as if I am going to finish on video.. which.. yes.. I know.. is a little disappointing.  But originally, the main reason I was going back to film for Days, is because I was using it as an excuse to learn cinema tools so that I could use it to cut the negative on my first feature (at the moment, titled "The Final Moments of Michael Parker's Life".   But I think by the time I finish that film, or even by the time I start it, It will be cheaper, and I think better quality to do a DI transfer, (transfer from video, to film, from the telecinied 16mm), as opposed to cutting the super16 negative and making a 35mm blowup from it.  Thus defeating the main purpose for going back to film on this short (all of my short films, each in their own way, is some form of "practicing" in my eyes at least, trying to get a little better and properly expressing myself and effectively telling my story, so that by the time I get to making a feature or two, I'll know what I'm doing and know how to do it right, not to say that I don't think my shorts aren't valuable in their own right but there's a reason they get progressively better and hopefully they'll continue to do so)  Anyway... So it looks like I'll be re-telecining some of days, as well as timing the whole thing sometime within the next couple of weeks.  I still need my opening title shot, but that'll come sometime this month.


10/ 24 / 05 - Well, the screening was in my opinion a success.  Not too bad a turn out.  Everyone seemed to really dig the new films (those films beingSubjection and Identity), and it was also a lot of fun for me seeing them in a nice sized theater, as well as being able to see them with an audience.  Getting feedback is one thing, but being able to really feel out your film through the energy in the room is something completely different.  I think the whole program went over pretty well.  I think Noise definitely works better with a larger audience.  It was also cool getting to show people a tiny little bit of "Days".  Thanks so much to everyone that came out.  You all rock.  I'll post some pix when I get em.



10/ 20 / 05 - Oh man.  Well, it's 3:47 am, and I'm busting my ass trying to get "Subjection" done in time for tonight's screening.  I made a hell of a lot of progress in the last hour & a half or so, all of which I just magically lost to one of those "final cut uknown error i'm gonna shut your ass down and erase all your genius editing you silly bastard" messages.  So, I decided to take a short break to type some madness here before getting back to it.  Needless to say the last couple weeks have been killer.  Waay too much goin on, let alone trying to prepare for this screening.  I did manage however to get out there and get a few posters up and a few post cards out there (without a car, mind you).  I've gotta say, I think they turned out pretty well.  I'm still nervous about the screening though.  I have no idea how many or how few people are going to be there, and either circumstance freaks me out in its own way.

There was a small mostly positive write-up in the mercury for the screening (from what I hear, from a person known for never liking anything, but that could just be hearsay).  And I've been just passing word along the grape vine as much as I can in the allotted time I've had to do so.  This thing really crept up on me.  I've also sunk to a somewhat new level of web-whoredom by making aMy Space page for Neptune Films.  I had a my space acct a year and a half ago and I've gotta say, the whole thing just kind of creeped me out (no offense to you my space loving people, I know you're out there).  I wont go into all that, but I thought it would be kind of cool to register my production company as a band, and possibly get the word out a little further. 

Well... I'd better get back to it.  There is also some work on "Noise" that I really wanted to do but we'll see if I have time to do it tonight, tomorrow is going to be jam-packed with trying to output all this goodness to tape in time for the screening.  Yeeha.  Hope to see some of you there, I'll post pix on the website after the event


9/ 26 / 05 - Good News, and Bad News.  The good news is, after about a year of it sitting on a drive doing squat, I'm finally working on Identity again.  I actually recorded some temp voiceovers and started cutting them up and putting them in the film and they actually work really well, who would have thought!  It's fun actually being excited about this film again and it no longer just being that project that I never finished last year.  It all started by my having some 16mm film sitting around (it had been in my fridge for a while, but I ended up using some of it on a music video I was shooting, more about that later) so I decided I was going to go get some of those magical pickup shots I never got and have been using as my excuse to not finish the film, but I had never even gotten around to doing the voiceover.  Now, I'm not even sure if I need them.  It's generally better to simplify than needlessly complicate. 


The bad news is, i've been contemplating not going back to film with "Days Like This".  It has always been really important to me to make a print of it, and I still might go for it, but regardless of the whole cinema tools holding me back a ridiculous amount, I'm not even sure if it's worth it festival circuit wise.  Not to mention it would give me so much more freedom with the sound design and editing.  But we'll see.. I haven't given up on the print thing yet, but it's not lookin' good.

Anyway... I'm still lookin into setting up a small screening in October, and possibly having Identity done in time for it.  Wouldn't that be somethin!  In other news, a few site updates, and the fantabulous Super 8 Collection dvds are fucking done and they're fucking sweet so buy one goddamnit!


8/ 22 / 05 - No updates? blame cinema tools.  I don't really know what i'm doing with this drop frame stuff but I kinda sorta made this film the way I made it to learn, but I have hardly had the time.  And on the days when I do finally have the time, i'm too pooped to figure it out.  Oy.  Whining aside, I'm done teaching for the summer, so I have all kinds of allotted time for Days, right?  yea, well, again this is where my inability to say no to work gives me trouble.  This last weekend I was working on in one capacity or another no less than 4 films.  Anyway, hopefully sometime this week I can at least post a couple screen shots. .. now back to the cinema tools manual


7/ 17 / 05 - If you've read the album cover by now, you'll know that my name is what my name is.  It's 4:30 in the morning and I'm doin the first site update in a while, with the aid of bill withers in my headphones.  The "Days Like This" footage has been processed, transferred, etc etc.  Even all the synchable audio is synched.  yeeha.  It's always hard to detach myself from the unattainable images I get in my head before/during shooting, but with each film I make/shoot I think I get closer, and this film is definitely a step in the right direction.  Editing this film should be a snap, but this being my first film I'm making a print of, I'm a little worried about messing something up somewhere.  But no worries, I'll figure it out.  This also means a long awaited wrap party for all those involved, I guess people have been pretty psyched about seeing some of the footage so I can't wait to show them.  I'm rarely completely happy with the footage I shoot, but the few people that have seen some of it so far have been pretty impressed, but I have a hard time letting myself enjoy any of my films till it's completely done.  I'll put some stills up after everything is captured.

Thankfully I've been getting a bit more work lately as well, which has certainly helped in getting this stuff paid for, not to mention helping to get me out of some of the debt I've acquired by making my previous films.  Most of which has been music video work, either directing or shooting, which has been fun.  I've also been doing more teaching, which has been.... draining... but it's much needed money, and It's doin what I'm good at, so there's that.  And though I've always kind of hated the idea of becoming a teacher I gotta say it certainly helps you reflect on your own work. 

In other news... I'm working on completing a much shorter cut of "Noise", mainly for sending to festivals (believe it or not, somewhere around 16min).  Honestly, it's probably kind of pointless... because I don't think I really make festival-friendly films, and it's not really my goal, but I just want to get my films out there where I can so I guess it's worth a shot.  I've also whittled the regular version down to around 23min, and am starting to work on those dvds.  The super 8 ones have been trying, but I think they're really cool, so pick one up if you get a chance.  I've also been doing alot more music work.  Mostly just insomnia inspired fun, but I scored a short experimental film forAlan, will be scoring a short film for Katie, and will be helping to scoreTravis's 72hr film festival film.  So, good times.

Oh.. and speaking of Super8.  For those of you who are unaware, Kodak has decided to stop producing it's beautiful Kodachrome 40 super8 stock.  As depressing and pointless as it may be, the petition is nearing 5,000 signatures... make sure to be on that list.



6/ 19 / 05 - Sweet Jesus... principal photography is finished.  There's still a couple shots left but all the actor requiring shots and such are finished.  woohoo!  So thanks to everyone involved, and an extra special thanks to everyone who stuck with it all the way through.  I will be sending up all the film shot so far to the lab tomorrow, so hopefully i'll be able to have it telecinied in a week or so.  Everyone, myself included, can't wait.  It's hard to believe that i'll be editing this film that a few months ago was just a stack of paper that had been laying around my house for a little over a year, but thats how it goes.  I think one of my favorite parts of film making is being able to show people all these images and stories that had just been floating around your head.  Post production for this film is going to be huge but I can't wait.


In other news the online store is up and running, credit card capabilities and all.  So if you'd like to make an order now it's alot easier to do so now.  Upon working in the film center's deep storage facility the other day I found a bunch of reels of 16mm castle films, and I'm thinkin about editing a bunch of stuff together to make a Kuen video, so I'll keep ya posted on that as well.  \m/



6/ 10 / 05 - Hurrah, the store is finally up.  No credit card accepting capability yet, but there will be soon.  And until there is there will be no s&h $ requirements.  Get more info here.  I got the T-shirts in and the dvds should be completed by this weekend, so I've started taking orders.  I've sold a few shirts as well, I think they're pretty sweet, make sure to check them out.  I'm still working on setting up a screening for next month so I'll keep you posted on that. 

"Days" unfortunately hasn't made a lot of progress in days of late, but I'm hoping, hoping, to get the majority of my final shots this weekend.  I should be going up to Seattle to have the film processed in the first part of next week and I am fucking ecstatic about it, because there is not one shot that we put in the can that I'm not excited to see.  I can't wait to start editing that sucker.  I've also started talking to my friend who will be one of the ones taking on the music for this sucker and he can't wait to see the footage either.

In other news, I have been working on a documentary that will be included with the "Noise" dvds that should be coming out next month.  It's coming along quite nicely too.  I think it should be at least moderately interesting.  I've finished my teaching engagement for the time being, but will remain busy thanks to finishing these dvds, and the music video I am shooting this month.  I'll post more on all this as I have more to tell :)

Aside from all this, the Neptune office has completed moving, (the Neptune office being the far corner of my living room ;)  None the less I've got a bit more room now, which has allowed me to get more organized, which is nice.  By the way, my site is finally on google.  hooha.


5/ 27 / 05 - Sorry for the lack of news.  I'm currently in the process of moving, so I don't have internet at the new apartment yet.  We're still missing our goddamn last location for "Days" so we have yet to get our final shots.  And what with my lack of telephone, internet, and transportation, getting the film finished is becoming more and more of a headache.  I'm also still working on the super8 dvds, but everything has kinda been in a holding pattern for the last week what with half my stuff being at one apartment and the other half at the other and no way but my two feet in the hot sun to get between them.  yay.


5/ 14 / 05 - "Days like this" is chugging along.  I'm still missing a couple shots due to problems securing a couple locations but hopefully we'll be able to get that taken care of soon.  I'm going to start getting stuff processed regardless because I can't wait any longer to do so.  Bleh, but there's a lot of stuff in various degrees of organization so Wendy and I have started kind of trying to figure it out.  Anyway, hopefully I'll be sending the bulk of the film out to be processed next week and will have it telecinied soon there after.  There are also some more cool stills which you can check out to whet your appetite.

Photos by Amber Smith

In other news I've almost finished the "Super 8 Collection" dvds, and I gotta say I'm pretty proud of them so far.  I've put alot of work into them and I think they are going to be very cool.  Alan and I are also working on a NOISE documentary to include with the Noise dvds, which should also be completed fairly soon.  So stay tuned, and if you like the films and/or want to show them to other people check out the dvds and help me tackle the insane post production cost thats going to come with "DLT"


5/ 04 / 05 - All the car shots are (or should be) completed.  On tuesday we got the trailer shots, as well as some cool following shots.  Still need an elevator and lobby but we shall see how that goes.  I should be sending the first of the footage to be processed early next week.  I've also got some more stills to post which I shall do soon.


5/ 02 / 05 - Another small group of shots finished.  I wanted to get shots with a hostess tray on the mustang for the driving sequence, but it just wasn't in the budget.  Luckily, on another shoot i'm working on some car shots for a van were required, and a hood-mount (cheap rental) wouldn't work, because of how slanted the hood was, so I suggested we check out the Hostess Tray (3x the price) since we'd be able to shoot in from the side and it'd look better anyway.  I ended up getting the rental discounted since it was a teaching related shoot thingamajig, and since it was a weekend rental we'd have it on sunday so I got together Alan and Jonason and Jim and we got some pretty cool shots with it on sunday.  Funny thing is we ran out of time on the shoot it was intended for so it'll have to be rented again.  When I rented the try I figured I'd be able to figure it out and the guy that rented it to me figured someone on set had used one before but that wasn't the case.  We opened the box and it was just a clusterf*ck of parts that we had to figure out how to make work.  Luckily w/ jim's help we figured it out (by practicing on my rental car before touching the mustang with it) and I think got some really cool shots.  Tomorrow (tuesday) we'll be getting the trailer shots and some POV shots and we should be done with the driving sequence.


in other news I've been working on the website.  It's nearing completion.  There's pages for just about everything but "merchandise" which believe me is coming soon. 


4 / 23 / 05 - Well, Due to unavailability of people and/or equipment the finishing of the "Days" shoot has been postponed a little over a week.  We should be getting the final shots hopefully this upcoming week or next weekend perhaps.  On top of that there is a music video I may be shooting this June, as well as trying to set up another screening and such, so I'm hoping to get the film wrapped soon so that I can still get it completed by my September deadline.  I also came up with a cool idea for my next short, but I'm still hoping that I'll actually start attempting a feature after this current short, but I really like this idea and may go with it, we'll see.  I'll talk more about that later though.  I've been continuing to finish the site as well.  I'm currently working on the "downloads" section.  There are now more QuickTime options for the trailer and I'm working on the rest.  There is also a small "Kuen" page now up in that section.  Also, finally T-shirts are comin.  Stickers too.  I'm aiming to make them available by the time the NOISE dvds are available in June.  Anyway... stay posted.


4 / 11 / 05 - One step closer to getting this film finished.  Finished filming at least.  We got our exteriors, and I think they're going to be pretty hot.  All thats left is some city stuff and some elevator shots and some shots in some office building lobby and it's on to post production!


4 / 9 / 05 pt. 2 - In true manic depressive fashion, my energy is instantly revitalized after seeing some of the first stills from the first "Days" shoot, thanks to the work of Miss Amber Smith.  Check em out.  Now that I've gotten that negativity out of my system, I have mentally regrouped and am once again my overly optimistic self.  Whohoo!


4 / 9 / 05 - If you, like myself, subscribe to the old saying of "a picture is worth a thousand words" I think the best way to describe my current mental state is this still from a little known film called "The Last Big Thing".

All kidding aside... I'm goin crazy.  More so than usual.  But that's fine, it wouldn't be the first time.  Alright, so, first off, "Days Like This".  Since I have yet to post very much information on the film on the site, and I'm not exactly sure who is reading this... I'll keep it simple.  Basically the film has three or four locations.  The first being the main character's apartment.  This stuff was shot the first weekend of production with relatively few problems.  The following weekend was supposed to be the driving/city shots, as well as the exterior of the office building of which the third weekend's shoot was supposed to take place.  Thanks to Portland's seemingly random weather, that weekend had to be cancelled, despite the equipment my crew and myself had to gather, which believe me wasn't at all easy.  So, fine, we'll shoot that stuff later, simple enough.  The next hurdle was to find the office in which we'd shoot the third weekend (this being that ever so important 3rd location).  And while location scouting for this office that following monday, I got in a car accident.  Despite minor injuries to myself and my car, It wouldn't have been the end of the world... except for the fact that in order to secure some $ for the purchasing of film and renting of equipment and etc, I had to give up car insurance for a couple months. 

          "boo, chris" you may say... "how irresponsible" you may say... but when you are shelling out close to $200 a month into car insurance that has yet to come in handy and this is $200 a month that could be going towards your film that you and your majority of friends are busting their ass to get made you gotta make sacrifices.  Anyway... So needless to say my car got impounded.  And to get it out I have to A: have insurance, B: pay the base fine/tow fee, and C: pay $18 for every day it has been impounded.  Now my car is worth maybe 6 or 700 bux, and it may very well be a year before I can get insurance thanks to the fact that I am young, male, and just got in a car accident w/o insurance, plus the fact that I have no money for the other stuff anyway, let alone to get any kind of insurance, plus my car is pretty beat up now anyway... so just give up the car, right?  Yea, well, the car may only be worth $600 or $700 but in true ghetto fabulous fashion, my stereo/subs/etc are worth well over $1500, so giving those up will not be as easy, especially since the subwoofers in question do not belong to me, but instead belong to a good friend of mine whom I cannot talk to about the situation because he is currently incarcerated.

anyway... due to my lack of transportation, I am losing work... and therefore losing ever so precious money, and am also in danger of losing my main source of $ (and stress, I might add), my assistant teaching job.  So.. now.. I am having a hard time paying rent (of which I still have yet to do this month), let alone get myself out of this ever mounting trouble with my car, and let us not forget the cost of making this film!

And in addition to this, due to schedule/weather/financial problems, etc, the shooting of this final 2 days worth of shots keeps getting pushed back, and pushed back.  And every time it gets pushed back it appears that I lose a key crew member. 

Fuck it, I'll do what I gotta do, I'll get the film made, It'll be fucking fantastic.  No worries, thats my job. 

so... on non Days news... with my new found lack of transportation and lack of money I've been at home a little bit more and have been sleeping a little bit less and have decided to bring the site back to life.  I had been talking with others about reviving the site, since I just don't have the time or will to do it myself, plus I wanted it a little nicer than my abilities would have been able to provide.  But I got tired of waiting and just decided to do it the only way I know how, notepad style.  So, I enjoy the site's simplicity.  If you don't like it, bite me.  I'd rather have a simple site with lots of stuff than an overly flashy site thats somewhat lacking in content.

Moving on... Noise is still awaiting it's final color timing/aesthetic touches which I have not been able to make due to lack of drive space, but I'm close to being able to do that and have decided to pursue screening opportunities for it regardless.  Though the DVD will have to wait for these changes, I am still somewhat confident it will be ready by June, which will hopefully be after at least a couple respectable screenings.

In other news, last night's, er um, night before last's Chinaman screening went pretty well, despite it's low attendance.  I had been running around like a chicken with it's head cut off so I did not have time to cut together a collage of rushes but thankfully Alan stepped up to do so and did a great job. 

Anyway... The site is up in going in it's wonderfully skeleton-esk form, and content is ever so slowly being added, so make sure to check back.  Amber is working on printing some of the first stills from "Days" which I will post directly... so stay tuned!


4 / 3 / 05 ~ Well... I'm Finally working on the site.  Sorry folks, I've been hella busy with production on "Days Like This".  I should be able to throw up some pics here pretty soon, so stay posted  Other than that, I've also been working on getting some screenings set up here in the near future.  There will be a screening of "The Chinaman", as well as a 16mm print of some of the original rushes on April 7th and April 9th.  There will also be a screening of "Totoro's Great Escape" and "Dream's Eye" later this month as well.  I'm also working on setting up a couple screenings in May for Noise, The Chinaman, and yes... Idenentity.  Anyway, i'll try to keep the site a little more updated now and such.


Feb 11th.

Hello folks. Well, I'm steeped in the middle of pre Production on "Days Like This". After a rocky start things are finally starting to come together. I'm having auditions this weekend, and I'll post more info on all this when I can. All my web stuff is on my PC which crashed recently so my updates are going to be slight, like this. Though, for those of you who don't know or haven't seen it, the NOISE trailer is online. Currently the only version I have available is a ridiculously large quicktime file, which can be found here. It will probably play better if you download it and play it off your hard drive. Also, I'm working on finally getting rid of the frames format i've got goin here, and going with server side includes, so there may be bugs but i'm workin on it.


Dec 30th.

Noise is finished.  what? who? yes, finished.  I've started sending it off to festivals, and had it's first private screening/premiere type thing on Dec 14th, and I've gotten really positive feedback, so apparently people other than me like it, which is always nice.  Sorry I didn't post the screening on the site but I didn't advertise it much at all either.  I figured it'd be best to show it to the crew and friends and such before unleashing it on the general public.  But the screening went really well, so thanks to everyone that came.  I've got a pretty cool trailer for it as well which is just about finished, so I'll throw that on the site as soon as its done, which will hopefully be early next week.  I'll also keep you posted on upcoming screenings.  Film festivals aside I may have another one night only free screening, but advertise it this time, just because the last one went so well, but we'll see.  Either way I'm probably going to have a retrospective of some kind after Identity is finished, or maybe wait till "Days Like This" is finished.  For those of you keeping tabs on these projects, Identity is about half way through post.  It's pretty much edited, but I want to take my time with the score and the voiceover, and I'm probably going to do just as much if not more work on the sound design for it as I did for Noise.  But like I said i'm not rushing it, not yet anyway.  I'm hoping to start shooting DLT sometime in late feb or early march, so that I can have it done in time to send to sundance later this year, which means I'm going to probably start casting pretty soon, but we'll see how that goes.  I'll be in production on Travis's new film for half of January, and I'm also working on getting a couple feature scripts written, so we'll see how much time I have.  Anywho, check back soon so you can see the sweet, sweet Noise trailer.  It'll be tight I promise.

oh, btw There are new N O I S E wallpapers available, they aren't on here yet, but you can check them out here


Oct 14th.

   Howdy Folks.  Long overdue for an update, I know.  I was workin' on getting a newsletter type thing set up but have yet to do so.  But, be on the lookout for it.  So, what you're all wanting to know about (i'm sure).  N o i s e.  I've been bustin ass on it, I assure you.  Regardless of illness, work/school, work on other people's films, lack of sleep, and more serious than I'm willing to admit to myself financial problems, I'm working on it constantly.  And I can honestly say it's turning out fantastic.  I tend to be both my biggest critic, and biggest fan (however that works), but I can honestly say I am very pleased with it so far.  It is going to be quite dark, and quite hilarious.  Initially I was going to try to have it done in time to send to the Slamdance Film Festival, but thats not going to happen (the deadline was two days ago).  So, my new deadline is Nov 15th, which is the deadline for the New York Underground film festival.  I don't know much about them but hopefully they like violence.  Sry I haven't been working on the website much, I've completely transferred over to my Mac and all my website stuff is still on my PC.  But I'll try to keep you posted damnit,  OH HOW i WILL TRY!

    In other news, Travis's website is now up, , So check that out and such.  Anyway, back to work. 


Sept 13th.

   Identity is currently on hold so that I can get N o i s e finished in time to send to a couple festivals.  Hopefully I'll be able to get it done in time.  So, they should both be premiering either later this year or early next, and we should also have dvds available at about the same time.  Also.. I'm working on getting those T-shirts made also, but, it may be awhile because I am BUSY damnit!  But.. as you may have noticed I've got my domain back up and it should be up for good.  So, we're back to being


Aug 13th.

          Allllright.  So.  The site was down for awhile.  I know.  I suck.  I'm sorry.  But, it's back.  Well, partially at least.  Anyway.  Let me bring you up to speed. 

First off, I have a new email address.  If you want to email the site.  i.e. Reusme, Headshot, etc.  The address  , if you want to email me personally, my email address .  We finished filming Identity a while back.  I believe on June 13th.  And then started busting ass on "Noise" pre-production.  We filmed from July 18th through the 25th.  We've got tons and tons of footage and all sorts of good stuff to go through, but I think it's gonna be really cool when it's done.  Special Thanks to all those involved in filming because it was grueling.  There are all sorts of stories about our adventures before, during, and after filming, but... I'll have to type em up some other time.  I am currently working on Editing "Identity".  It's turning out really well, and I think you'll all dig it.  I plan on having "Identity" finished by Sept 3rd.  And "Noise" finished by Oct 11th.  So, when there is time, I will work on gettin this site back up to date, but until then, you can check this out to whet your appetite.

June 08th.

          We've just about completed filming "Identity".  Just a few shots away.  The drastically changing weather has not helped.  I'll post some production pics on the site soon.  Stay tuned...


May 17th.

          We're begining production on a film called "Identity" tomorrow, I'll put more details up when I have time.  Also, we will hopefully have T-shirts available soon.  I'll let ya know.


March 19th.

    couple of updates, including a new Chinaman wallpaper (here)


Feb 21st.

    The first few Chinaman dvds have been sent out.  Make sure to pick one up, the more we sell, the more festivals we can enter ;)

Feb 9th. 

    I got the address for OTP, here's the info for the next screening...

    Feb 12th: The Chinaman: @ Old Town Pizza: 7pm.  The Chinaman will be shown along with other short films edited on Final Cut Pro from Enie Vanisburd's     DV Editing class.

Old Town Pizza

226 NW Davis



Feb 1st. 

    The New site is up, thedvds are now available to order, and twoChinaman screenings are coming up!

Feb 7th:The Chinaman: @ the NWFC in room 3: 3pm.  admission is free.  must rsvp, if you'd like to come, email Chris at

we will be viewing the Chinaman, as well as some of the original rushes.

Feb 12th: The Chinaman: @ Old Town Pizza: 7pm.  The Chinaman will be shown along with other short films edited on Final Cut Pro from Enie Vanisburd's DV Editing class.




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